Monday, July 30, 2012


As if I wasn't already having trouble keeping up . . . . This is the point where life gets even more busy. I'm starting to believe that I'm going to be moving soon.

I've started collecting boxes. Lucky for me, fall textbooks are arriving at the school bookstore already, which means lots of clean, sturdy boxes that aren't too large. Currently they are in a big pile in the middle of the living room.

I've started thinking about not buying any more food until I finish up what's currently in the cupboards. So much for the joys of Buy One, Get One.

I've also started thinking about all the tradespeople I will need to know on a first name basis. Number one on the list: the electrician. I wonder if he/she will prefer brownies or chocolate chip cookies? My experience is that sweetening the deal with baked goods really pays off. Here's hoping chocolate chips will be BOGO soon. That would justify an exception!

I measured the house's rooms for my furniture and am planning what goes where. So far this plan consists mainly of grouping things in the middle of the appropriate room, leaving plenty of space near the walls for my painting efforts. Painting is first on the do-it-myself list, but I am not confident I will be able to paint every room before the furniture arrives.

I bought some home repair books -- can't say I'm not doing my homework! I will be deciding the sequencing of non-essential tasks, like painting, and reading up on the how and whys of the household. It's been a while since I've had to be responsible for whatever goes wrong and I'd like to be prepared.

I still need to prepare one of those moving checklists about all the services that need to be cut off where I am now and started in the new place. Guess that better include notifying my landlord. I hope that does not include having to diligently keep my current place spotlessly clean in case he wants to show it to the next tenant.

Otherwise (true confession here) I am likely to stop doing any real cleaning, because I'll be doing the move-out cleaning soon enough. A place is so much easier to clean when it's empty. I'm sure there's a lesson there, somewhere.

In the midst of all this practicality, I'm also doing a little landscape dreaming. The large yard will give me space for a pond, which my friend Bill has promised to create, with my help. His is my role model. It's a working mini-ecosystem with frogs and snails and little gambusia fish to eat the mosquito larvae -- a wondrous thing indeed.

Pond creation will take a lower priority than things like painting, of course. But I can envision a few occasions where I'll feel more like digging a big hole in the ground than spending another day working indoors. Especially when the results could look like this.


  1. Green with envy for your future pond!

  2. Eat the groceries down...we do it all the time. Moving food is dumb. You end up with some - ahhhh - creative meals by the end, but it does save on the moving! Love the pond!

  3. Yes, the pond will be pretty motivating, as I'm doing all the paperwork and legwork, and eating weird meals!


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