Monday, April 9, 2012

Too Weird

This has got to be a secret between us, okay? It's just too funny not to tell, but it also involves a confession.

I belong to a book swap site, where I send books out, get credits, and spend those credits to get other gently used books. This creates an extremely robust TBR shelf, so I love it and participate quite a bit.

A while ago I listed a book on the site and a few weeks ago, someone requested it. I saw the request, wrapped up the book, and sent it out. But I apparently forgot to check off that it had been mailed.

So I started getting reminders: "Have you mailed Book X yet?" I completely forgot that I'd mailed it, so I made a couple of attempts to find it, without success. Usually I am very well-organized, and books that are listed to be swapped have their own shelf. It wasn't there. I looked around a bit on other shelves, and then I got busy with other things.

As the mailing deadline approached, the reminders got a little more strident. And I started feeling the pressure. So (here's the confession) I clicked off that the book had been mailed, even though as far as I knew, I hadn't even found it yet. I swore to myself that I come hell or high water, I would find that book and mail it before the weekend was out. I mean, it had to be here somewhere, right???

Just when I was getting ready to turn the house upside down and find that book, I received the notification that the book I thought I hadn't mailed yet had been received by the requester.

Wow. Talk about a Twilight Zone moment!

Now that I've recovered from that shivery experience, I realize that my untruthful click turned out to be the truth, after all. Guess I knew more than I thought I knew.


  1. Amazing how we can suddenly dig ourselves into a corner......glad it turned out well and you didn't have to take the house to pieces!

  2. *laughs* I am in strong sympathy with this post. I use PaperbackSwap and am always forgetting to mark things mailed -- lucky that a) PaperbackSwap sends regular reminders to mark books mailed, and b) I am a slob who stuffs all post office receipts into my bag, so I can always perform an excavation of my bag to see if I've mailed the book already. :p

  3. Thanks, y'all. This sort of thing is usually a sign that I've overscheduled myself.

    Oreneta, at least I erred on the side of getting it done, rather than messing it up completely. :-)

    Jenny, PbS is my source of choice, too. I used to keep meticulous records of mailed/received, but never needed to check them so I stopped. Now am thinking maybe I should start keeping them again for a bit . . .


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