Monday, April 2, 2012

Hurry Up and Wait

Despite my growing excitement about the house -- or perhaps because of it -- now I am getting a lesson in patience.

I put in an offer last Thursday, due for a rejection or counteroffer this past Saturday at noon. That time came and went with no word, and when my realtor followed up she was told that sellers were "checking something with their bank."

Hm. Common sense suggests a last-ditch attempt at a refinance. My gut tells me the sellers are just not ready to let go.

It was clear to me that the first time I looked at the house, the seller was eager to tell me all its charms. When I returned this past Wednesday for another, more serious look (and perhaps a reality check), the seller seemed almost reluctant to talk.

I wondered if he'd had time to think through the fact that if I was really interested, that meant saying goodbye to the house they've spent 20 years updating, and moving into something that will undoubtedly have a whole lot less soul.

Unless they are leaving town, it could mean a lifetime of driving by the house from time to time and thinking, "That used to be mine," or avoiding driving by and learning day by day that avoidance does nothing to dull nostalgia.

My realtor said she didn't notice anything different in his manner, but I sure did. And I can't say that I blame him.

So now although I am thinking about the house a lot with -- I admit it! -- covetousness in my heart, I can only truly and fairly hope to get it if the sellers are really ready to say goodbye. I want them to recognize that selling makes sense for them, even if it's too much to hope they would be at peace with their decision.

If they aren't willing to relinquish a house they've labored in and loved for 20 years, who I am to try and pull it from their grasp?

All this is to say that I am wishing for a happy outcome now, without exactly knowing what that will look like. If sellers get the refinance and keep the house -- no matter how eagerly I want it and how easily I can picture my future there -- I have to believe there's another house out there somewhere, just for me.


  1. Hope you get the house of your dreams, Jane.

  2. Could still happen for you. Sometimes, practicality is the reality and the only solution is to move on. Nostalgia is a luxury in those cases. How nice for them that you are so sensitive.

  3. The waiting once you've put in your offer is the hardest part of a house purchase, I think.

    I thought that if they didn't respond by the expiry date of your offer that it was just that - expired. Does that throw another wrench in the works?

    Oh my, I'm excited to know the outcome of this!

  4. Thanks for the encouragement, y'all! I expect some sort of progress today, or at least a next step to think about. Waiting is draining.

    Debbie, the offer doesn't *have* to expire on the expiration date. It's my offer, so I control it. To accept, they needed to accept before the deadline. But they asked for more time to consider, and I gave them an extension. So the offer is still open, through today.


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