Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Well, It's Official: I Love the Internet (Sometimes)

Much as I love books, much as I love conversation, much as I love photographs . . . . There's really no substitute for the immediate value and joy the internet can deliver when it's having a good day.

Thanks to Oreneta at Oreneta Aground for sending me to this fabulous website, Letters of Note, where you can find such gems as a letter from a former slave, Jourdon Anderson, in response to his former owner's request for him to come back and work for him, and the Nixon White House's contingency plan and speech, prepared in case the 1969 Apollo 11 moon mission killed its two astronauts.

No doubt I will be spending a lot of time reading those archives.

As if that isn't enough splendor for any one person, the creator of Letters of Note also maintains a letterhead collection, Letterheady, and a collection of fabulous lists called Lists of Note. Both are sure to prove absolutely addictive.

My first sample from Lists of Note is How to Write, which I will be keeping on hand for the future (and maybe putting into practice).

Oh sure, all of these probably have been in a book, or will be in a book someday, or they might have come up in conversation or been featured in some museum exhibit somewhere.

But thanks to the internet, they are already here, delivered right to my visual doorstep before it is even daylight on an otherwise ordinary Wednesday morning. How could I not love that?


  1. Agreed...the internet does a great job of collecting information and making it accessible. How many books would you have to search through to find that great stuff?

  2. I totally agree, there are truly some absolute gems out there....glad you liked the site!

  3. That speech in case of moon disaster was very cool to read. It must be strange and surreal to be the person in charge of writing the contingency speeches.

  4. Stephanie V, it would be like a needle in a haystack, no doubt.

    Oreneta, thanks so much for pointing out some of those gems!

    Jenny, agreed! It must take some doing to write from the perspective of something you so don't want to happen.


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