Wednesday, February 22, 2012


More scenes from the Amelia Island Book Festival, and a giveaway!

Fernandina Beach is a charming town that walks gracefully along the fine line between trying-too-hard touristy and devil-may-care authentic. The book festival was smack in the middle of the historic district, not far from the main street, which is filled with historic buildings, funky little shops, two independant bookstores (Books Plus and The Book Loft), and great restaurants.

I mean, really, how can you go wrong with a town that boasts both the state's oldest functioning bar (1903) and the state's oldest county courthouse (1891)?

(photo from

Even the empty lot where I parked had a nice little view.

Walking to and from the car was picturesque, with flower-like pinwheels to mark the way. Inside, there were lots of authors eager to talk about their books. (Pinwheels were a theme, as my friend Bill discovered.)

For the fudge-lovers among you, a shot of the marble slab technique in progress. I could be wrong, but I think this young lady is using a joint knife to work on this fudge (yes, I had to look up that particular hardware store term). But yum, doesn't the finished product look just right?

One of the nice things about being around authors is talking with them about their books, supporting their efforts, and occasionally receiving a book as a gift. I was lucky in all respects. And so . . .

Leave me a comment about whether you'd rather read

Compelled, a book about an Iraq war veteran whose PTSD takes the form of a compulsion to do good that gets him into trouble,


The Heat of the Island, the story of a woman determined to reinvent herself on an exotic tropical island after a divorce and a series of tragedies,


Beyond the Western Sun, a novel about a young female Cherokee apprentice who journeys to the Land of the Dead to rescue a captive and thwart events that threaten the living world?

Leave me a comment before March 1, telling me why one or more of these books should be added to your TBR pile. (Talk about all 3 if you want to!) On March 1, I'll draw a winner at random from the commenters for each book.

Good luck!


  1. Well JG, I am not sure about the books, but I am sure that you had a lovely time, what a pretty place Fernandina Beach is. We went past it on our way south, which looks like it was a mistake.

  2. If the books don't speak to you, Oreneta, that's okay, c'est la vie! But I'm sorry you skipped Fernandina. I think you would have really liked it. Some very cool history there.


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