Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Less is More and New Reading Directions

It's Challenge Reading season with a vengeance, in case you haven't noticed. Over at A Novel Challenge, new challenges are announced every day. And there seems to be no end to the variations on that theme. Whatever you like to read or want to read, there's a challenge to help you along.

These folks are rather daunting, actually. I am still scrambling to make my 2011 deadlines (see my earlier post about that, which still holds true -- success remains highly unlikely!) while everyone else seems to be opening up and signing up for 2012 challenges. What's with these people? Don't they know there is still lots to be done in 2011?

This year has been one for less reading and more real life, a new balance that needed to be discovered. I have been expanding my horizons with new friends and volunteer work, while still reading quite a bit, so overall that's a positive trend. But reading less is reading less, period.

Looking ahead, I am enjoying the prospect of a year that allows more free choice reading. I will probably still fall into a numerical challenge and I will never forsake the Battle of the Prizes (American and British versions), but I intend to cut back on other challenges.

Lately, despite the looming deadlines, I have been reading "off the list" and enjoying the freedom of choosing from impulse or insight rather than obligation. Even a self-imposed obligation can be a burden sometimes. So I'm taking that as one theme for 2012.

I'm also getting interested in books about Florida, which promises to be another theme for 2012.

This post has been surprisingly hard to write because I keep wanting to veer off into off-topic territory. So another post about the larger reasons for this trend is clearly in order.

Stay tuned!


  1. Leaving me pretty curious with that post.......soooo, what's up?

  2. I completely understand how you feel. I'm hosting my first challenge next year but I'm holding off signing up for any other 2012 challenges. I just can't think about next year's challenges when I haven't finished this year's! The only reason I put up info on my own challenge is because it seems like everyone is signing up now so I figured if I wanted people to sign up for it, I better get it posted!

  3. Oreneta, explanations tomorrow. :-)

    Julie, I understand your point. When you're promoting, you've got to get ahead of the game (even when it seems kind of premature to do so).


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