Monday, October 24, 2011

Reality Check

I hate to break my long blogging silence with something so strange, but when I need a reality check, who better than my best blogging friends to give me a broad spectrum of opinion?  Here's the question:

I organized a big reception at work last week.  It was attended by various presenters and guests for a conference the next day, and also by the head of my entire organization, the person to whom everyone at my location answers.  (Identifying details are being obscured for reasons that will become obvious.)  There was a whole lot of hand-shaking, schmoozing, and networking going on.

About halfway through the reception, the head of my organization came up and asked in a whisper if I had any Purell, "Because my hands are just filthy from all these people."  I didn't, not being too concerned with everyday germs.  I noticed she then circulated around the room whispering to other people, and I assume it was to ask the same question.

A little bit later, it was Photo Op time.  I was getting ready to take the picture and this same person had what I thought was a tag sticking out of her jacket.  I asked if I could turn it inside her jacket, and she said, "Oh, that's my heating patch."  There was some more milling around, I ended up being in the picture, and someone else took the shot.

At the end of the evening, I was starting the clean-up by collecting used plates and glasses from the high-top tables, and I picked up what I thought was a cocktail napkin.  But it was especially squishy when I crumpled it up and when I looked down, there in my hand was the heating patch

Even I was grossed out by--without any warning--picking up someone's used medical supply!

And really, who takes off a heating patch in the middle of a party and puts it on one of the tables?! 

This strikes me as very unusual behavior from someone who is the leader of a major organization and has a high concern for cleanliness.  Please tell me if I'm overreacting.


  1. Oh, first of all, HI!!!! So nice to hear from you again, however strange the topic.

    Eldest was joking with me that on many super freaky videos on youtube, the comment about it, trying desperately to find a reason why someone would post this goes: 'cocaine is one hell of a drug'.....

    Is this person totally there?

    I don't think you're overreacting at all, I think something weird is going on, but heck...maybe the, ah, over medicated?

    Welcome back! How are you enjoying Midnight's Children? I found it good, but long.

  2. Eew! That just sounds icky! Me, I just think this person is not socially aware - or possibly over-heated. Being elevated to high-powered corp type doesn't automatically confer social graces upon one. I think you did the right thing ignoring it.

    BTW, Midnight's Children is my favorite of all Rushdie's books. Read it twice which is high praise from me!

  3. very very odd -
    It's good hearing from you. I hope all is well :)

  4. That is a bit weird BUT I bet the person realized it later and was utterly mortified. I can see myself doing something like that and then feeling completely ashamed later on.

  5. Orenta, I had not considered the over-medication possibility, but it's a good suggestion. I bogged down in the Rushdie for nearly 30 days and found it too sprawling for my taste. I'll try and do a full review this week.

    Stephanie, this is the great thing about literature: to each his/her own. It's your favorite Rushdie and I will probably never read another, based on this sample. And that's perfectly okay!

    Beachreader, thanks for checking in. It is so nice to know y'all are so forgiving after my long silence. "Too busy to spend time with friends" is too doggone busy!

    Jenny, thanks for putting a kinder face on this weird incident. Maybe this person was just caught up in the moment . . .

    Overall, y'all are so NICE. I will try to be more tolerant of the foibles of others. Thank you!


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