Friday, April 8, 2011

List Readers, Take Note!

I found a new book award! Those of us who like to read prize winners may want to jump on the bandwagon. As a Florida resident, I'll be feeling all local while I'm searching out and reading these.

They have lots of categories, too, so there is something here for everyone. Whether you are interested in Children's Literature, Florida Nonfiction, General Fiction, Poetry, Popular Fiction, Visual Arts, Young Adult Literature, or Spanish Language Books, you'll find something here. And there are gold, silver, and bronze medal winners, which beefs up the list for an award that was started in 2006.

I'll be reading the General Fiction category, and then maybe the Poetry.

Blue means I have them on my TBR shelf. Green means I am still looking to see them for the first time.

The Florida Book Awards (website)

General Fiction

2017 Gold: The Ice House - Laura Lee Smith
2017 Silver: Crimes in a Second Language - Elizabeth Sims
2017 Bronze: Mangrove Lightning - Randy Wayne White
2016 Gold: The Other Traitor - Sharon Potts
2016 Silver: Sparrow in the Wind - S. Rose
2016 Bronze: The Melting Season - Ira Sukrungruang (PB)
2015 Gold: I'd Walk With My Friends If I Could Find Them - Jesse Goolsby (HB)
2015 Silver: Free to Be - Gracie L. Chandler
2015 Bronze: The Headmaster’s Darlings - Katherine Clark (HB)
2014 Gold: The Invention of Wings - Sue Monk Kidd (PB)
2014 Silver: The Heaven of Animals - David James Poissant
2014 Bronze: The Sheltering - Mark Powell
2013 Gold: Deceived - Randy Wayne White
2013 Silver: Heart of Palm - Laura Lee Smith
2013 Bronze: Beneath Hallowed Ground - Steven P. Locklin
2012 Gold: Live by Night - Dennis Lehane
2012 Silver: American Ghost - Janis Owens
2012 Bronze: Plunder - Mary Anna Evans
2011 Gold: Magpies - Lynne Barrett
2011 Silver: The Revenge of the Radioactive Lady - Elizabeth Stuckey-French
2011 Bronze: Coming To: A Midwestern Tale - Caren Umbarger
2010 Gold: The Gendarme - Mark Mustain (HB)
2010 Silver: Vida - Patricia Engel (PB)
2010 Bronze: Nothing Happens Until it Happens to You - T.M. Shine (HB)
2010 Bronze: Cookie and Me - Mary Jane Ryals
2009 Gold: A Travel Guide for Reckless Hearts: Stories - N.M. Kelby
2009 Silver: Bridge of Sand - Janet Burroway (HB)
2009 Bronze: The Last War - Ana Menendez
2009 Bronze: Good Things I Wish You - A. Manette Ansay
2008 Gold: Requiem, Mass. - John Dufresne

2008 Silver: The Konkans - Tony D'Souza
2008 Bronze: Matters of Faith - Kristy Kiernan (PB)
2008 Bronze: Confessions of a Falling Woman - Debra Dean (PB)
2007 Gold: Tourist Season - Enid Shomer 
2007 Silver: You Can't Get There from Here - Leonard Nash
2007 Bronze: Origin - Diana Abu-Jaber
2007 Bronze: Ticket to the Moon - Uthaya Kumar
2006 Gold: Whiteman - Tony D'Souza (HB)
2006 Silver: Nature Girl - Carl Hiaasen (HB)
2006 Bronze: His Lovely Wife - Elizabeth Dewberry (HB)


2017 Gold: Calling a Wolf a Wolf - Kaveh Akbar
2017 Silver: Mud Song - Terry Ann Thaxton 
2017 Bronze: The Frozen Harbor - Michael Hettich
2016 Gold: The Abridged History of Rainfall - Jay Hopler
2016 Silver: Latest Volcano - Tana Jean Welch  
2016 Bronze: Hour of the Ox - Marci Calabretta Cancio-Bello 
2015 Gold: Gog - Brandi George
2015 Silver: Awaiting Your Impossibilities - Donald Morrill
2015 Bronze: The Crossing - Jonathan Fink
2014 Gold: SLANT SIX - Erin Belieu
2014 Silver: On the Street of Divine Love - Barbara Hamby
2014 Bronze: The Small Blades Hurt - Erica Dawson
2013 Gold: About Crows - Craig Blais
2013 Silver: The Biscuit Joint - David Kirby
2013 Bronze: The Terrible Wife - Terry Ann Thaxton (PB)
2012 Gold: In the Kingdom of the Sea Monkeys - Campbell McGrath
2012 Silver: Exit Island - Terri Witek (PB)
2012 Bronze: Grace to Leave - Lola Haskins (PB)
2011 Gold: Cracks in the Invisible - Stephen Kampa
2011 Silver: Talking about Movies with Jesus - David Kirby
2011 Bronze: MoonFlower - Gianna Russo
2010 Gold: Honeycomb - Carol Frost
2010 Silver: Still, the Mountain - Lola Haskins
2010 Bronze: Five Kingdoms - Kelle Groom
2009 Gold: Shannon - Campbell McGrath
2008 Gold: The Temple Gate Called Beautiful - David Kirby

2008 Silver: Seven Notebooks - Campbell McGrath (PB)

2008 Bronze: The Shipwreck Dress - Terri Witek (PB)
2008 Bronze: Begin Anywhere - Frank Giampietro
2008 Bronze: Shimming the Glass House - Helen Pruitt Wallace
2007 Gold: House on Boulevard Street - David Kirby (PB)
2007 Silver: Fata Morgana - J. Reginald Shepherd
2007 Bronze: Compulsions of Silkworms and Bees - Julianna Baggott
2006 Gold: My Psychic - James Kimbrell
2006 Silver: Green Squall - Jay Hopler
2006 Bronze: The Contracted World - Peter Meinke (PB)
2006 Bronze: Luckily - Kelle Groom (PB)

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