Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Bless You, Mr. Stranger, Whoever You Are

It happened so fast, it was all over before I could scrabble the camera out of my purse.

Driving home, in a long line of traffic on a side street. Guy in front stops for no apparent reason. Frustration level goes up immediately. "Oh, yeesh, what NOW?"

Car door opens. He's getting out. "What is he doing?"

Oh my goodness, it's a duck family! There's Mama Mallard, who's made it across the street and up onto the sidewalk. There are all Baby's brothers and sisters, clustered in the gutter, unable to get over the curb. There's Baby, straggling behind, still in the lane of oncoming traffic. It's a tragedy-in-the-making, on tiny webbed feet!

Mr. Stranger scoops up Baby and takes Baby to the curb. Then he flattens his hands out and in one neat motion, scoops up all the brothers and sisters together and deposits them onto the sidewalk, where Mama waits, waggling her tail. The whole family disappears into the bushes immediately.

Mr. Stranger then steps calmly back into his car, ignoring the two directions of traffic that have (fortunately) stopped during his rescue.

I wonder if he heard me when I rolled down the window and shouted, "What a wonderful man you are!" I sure hope so. But like the Lone Ranger, he didn't stick around to be thanked. (Who was that masked man, anyway?)

I didn't take this (someone else did) but it could be them. Safe for another day in the big, new world.

You're my hero, Mr. Stranger. You'll be in my prayers tonight.


  1. Super wonderful, one of those things that just makes you feel there is a point to it all, no?

  2. Ahhh . . . what a beautiful image of kindness!

  3. And the wonder of it is that everyone else stopped! Lovely story for today's world.

  4. What a neat story! Hope you're not in the habit of yelling things at strangers:) (In California at least, that would be asking to get in serious trouble)


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