Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Sasquatch Moment

Guess who I saw up at the garden the other day?

It's always a treat to see a pileated woodpecker, although they are fairly common. This one was right smack in the middle of a neighborhood, near the hospital and the local YMCA.

They are fairly large birds (about the size of a crow) and very flashy. In flight, they follow an undulating path that shows black and white with a red accent. The males have a red stripe on the side of the face, while the females have a black stripe (this one seems to be a female).

I knew she was around because I could hear the search for a new home going on. "Knock? . . . Knock? . . . Knock?" Funny how testing a tree for buildability can sound so questioning.

I started scanning the trees right away. Then I was sure. "Ha ha ha ha ha." (Sound file here, and a very nice picture.)

I grabbed the camera and started stalking. It wasn't easy on my neck, but at least you can tell who this is. Sort of.


  1. Awesome! We love birds at our house. I stalk them frequently with the camera...and usually come up empty handed. LOL.

  2. Great photo of the bird! I really like woodpeckers too.

  3. Oh, my, this is a remarkable visit. We have only seen one and it was so exciting and beautiful to catch its quick visit.


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