Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Did I Mention It's Been Cold Here?

The proof positive was right there on my windshield.

Our winter weather is nothing like what's happening further north, but even so, I'm glad I still have my ice scraper from my days in New Hampshire. I wonder if I was the only Floridian who had one on hand the other morning, when it got so chilly?


  1. How's the garden?

    I hesitate to ask, but would like to know.

  2. There was some freeze damage, but the lettuce is happy and the sunflowers are hanging in there. I replanted green beans last week and they have come up nicely. So not too bad, overall. (And it's still a whole lot of fun!)

  3. I always just used a credit card (well, usually an expired gift card) when I lived in Louisiana and it got frosty. Chilly for my fingers, but fairly effective. I guess maybe not when it's a heavier frost, though?


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