Saturday, December 18, 2010

Bag & Tag

A group I belong to "adopts" classes from a local elementary school every Christmas. The school's district contains this area's primary homeless shelter and several disadvantaged neighborhoods, so these first and second-graders really need a boost in the toys and useful gifts departments.

This year there were 70 children. Anyone who didn't have a specific child to buy for could buy fillers of extra toys and clothing. The goal is for each child to receive a pair of shoes, a pair of long pants, two shirts, and a jacket or sweater, plus a toy of his or her choice and a few bonus items (toys or clothing). If there aren't enough to go around, cash donations let us dash to Target and fill in the gaps.

(FYI, Baby Alive and Spiderman were big this year, and Barbie still rates, although Computer Engineer Barbie was not in stock, alas. The stumper was the child who wanted Batman toys, which are apparently NOT easy to find. Ebay was reportedly involved in that transaction.)

This past Wednesday evening we took over an empty office suite to assemble and organize all the gift bags and tag them with each child's name. It took about 3 hours.

These were the extras we used to supplement the bags.

How many lawyers does it take to . . . ?

Someone's husband went above and beyond the call of duty.

Room #1, with bags 1 through 35 checked, spruced up with tissue, tagged and tied.
Room #2. Guess what some of the kids wanted more than anything else?

Room #3, with bags 36 through 70, ready to go. Can you tell the spouse in charge of this room is an engineer? (Compare with Room #1.) Not only are these bags lined up, but they are also in numerical order.


  1. As a person with many engineers in the family I truly can appreciate the last photo....sounds like a wonderful christmas for a whole lot of kids! Especially those bikes.

  2. Having been married to an engineer, I had a giggle over the orderly and ordered bags.
    But, more important, what a wonderful gift you've given to these children. They won't forget this Christmas!

  3. Oh yes, we had a lot of fun anticipating the excitement and happiness of the kids.

    And we figured that Room #1's organizing system was "good enough," even though the time saved by randomness was partly offset by the extra search time when we needed to backtrack to a particular bag.

  4. Oh, that's wonderful! A tip on getting inexpensive good bicycles...but it takes a little storage space. Each year our police department auctions off found and stolen merchandise they couldn't return to the owners. There are TONS of bicycles at that auction. They usually are bought cheaply and most of them are in like new condition. (Thieves apparantly like the new ones.) Merry Christmas!!


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