Monday, February 22, 2010

Barbie Update

After my pre-Christmas rant about Barbie, I feel compelled to note that my problem may be with the Target buyers and not with Mattel.

Look who's being unveiled this fall!

(photo credit)

According to my sources (here and here), this occupation--computer engineer--was chosen by internet poll from a possible occupations list that included environmentalist, architect, surgeon, and news anchor. Hooray!

I'm slightly dismayed to discover that news anchor was the top choice among girls, as it confirms my suspicion that nothing seems real or admirable to kids today unless it's on television. But that's another rant for another day.

Despite the somewhat annoying signature pink thing, Barbie is a bimbo no more.

Next question: Will they stock these at my local Target? I sure hope so. You can bet I'll be checking next Christmas.


  1. I like that they gave her glasses to make people realize she's smart :)

  2. Okay, part of me sort of hates this, but part of me thinks her laptop is rather adorable. (Don't like her glasses though. They couldn't give her wire rims?)


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