Saturday, February 20, 2010

Shopping is Fun

The joys of shopping aren't news to most people, but I tend to be rather frugal on anything except books, so a splurge is quite the rush for me. Here's how I learned this most recently:

A simply wonderful tote bag that I acquired through my blog buddy Oreneta, from Spain by way of Canada. Her help with that purchase was definitely above and beyond the call of bloggery and I'm still in her debt.

The bag is made from repurposed advertising posters in kind of a laminated fabric. I feel terribly hip and eco-friendly whenever I carry it, even if all I'm wearing is the same old t-shirt and jeans. The two sides are so different, it's like having two different bags. And check out the interesting horse, too! How perfect is that? Look for me in the pages of In Style any day now.

Warm fleecy slippers from L.L. Bean. We have had an unusually cold winter and I finally decided socks alone just weren't cutting it. Now all I can say is, man, I should have bought these back in November. Warm feet make the rest of the body happy as well.

"Needs" for my horse hobby include an appropriate piece of non-flattering headgear and even less flattering riding pants. But the helmet was on sale and I scored these brand new breeches at a sidewalk sale for $25, marked down from $90. I'll get good use out of both of them. Trust me.

Last but not least: When C.S. was here this week, we made a pilgrimage to Ikea, one of the few stores that we completely agree is worth spending hours just browsing in. I splurged on a $7 closet organizer and I figure this little gem saves me about $250 on a dresser. It also saves me from keeping my unmentionables in a drawer in the living room. And that's a good thing.


  1. I know that bag!!!
    Glad you like it. I have to admit that I didn't even notice the horse, but I am so glad that it's there!



    ps. Love warm feet too, I'm wearing my sheepskin slippers as we speak, well, as I type anyway.

  2. That bag is fabulous!
    Oh and it better warm up down there...a lot of us Canadians are headed to Florida for our March break. We want the sun!

  3. Ooh, I love that bag. So chic. I like warm feet, too, but I can't seem to get accustomed to slippers. I wear socks..all of the time.


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