Friday, October 22, 2010

Random Reports

Too much going on for a coherent post right now . . . so just bits and pieces.

I saw the Prairie Home Companion simulcast Thursday night and it was worth every cent of the $23.00 theatre ticket. It was such fun to see what everyone looked like and realize who does which voices in the various skits, not to mention seeing how all those marvellous sound effects are generated. AND they included lots of English major jokes, the kind of clever humor I can't get enough of. (If you aren't a fan of the show you will have no idea what I'm talking about. Sorry.)

The musical guests (Old Crow Medicine Show, Joe Ely, Sara Watkins and Andra Suchy) were simply outstanding, brimming with the kind of effortless talent that made me yearn to have dedicated my life to the fiddle, the piano, or even the harmonica over 40 years ago so I could be really good by now.

The show was so enjoyable I'm glad it will be broadcast on the radio twice this weekend. I will probably listen both times. Other people must have liked it, too, because there will be an encore theatre showing on Monday. If you visit the website you can find a theatre near you. Again, well worth the bucks.

Just finished listening to the Yankees lose to the Rangers, complete with the satisfaction of a big fat K for A-Rod as the final out. Gosh, I love it when the Yankees lose. I just can't help myself. (In fairness, my beloved Red Sox didn't even make the post-season. But hey, it doesn't make me love them any less.)

Also struggling with the straightforward but still disturbing need to properly report a student who is blatantly plagiarizing papers in a humanities graduate program. I'm only the writing coach, not the professor, so I have to tread lightly. But I definitely must take action. Ugh! Why, why, why does academic dishonesty seem to be a reasonable alternative for some people?

To make matters worse, the source of the stolen material is Wikipedia! So it isn't even high-quality plagiarism, which you would kind of expect from a graduate student, you know? Doubly offensive. And vaguely insulting.

On that note . . . Off to dreamland, and not a moment too soon.


  1. Wiki plagiarism in Grad school????

    Good lord, how did he get so far?

  2. This grad program is a high-quality, high-intensity version of adult ed. Perhaps plagiarism worked fine 20 years ago when the student was in college, and has worked in the workplace since.

    Not that it makes any difference, in the long run. Cheating is cheating.

  3. That Garrison Keillor is just a treasure. I so love what he provides in The Writer's Almanac. How fun to get to be at the Prairie Home Companion in person, I would love it.

    I work in an English department too. Wow, it seems like the student would get found out so quickly by the professor. It seems pretty amazing to me too that a student would still try this, and with wiki!

  4. Ruth, you would have enjoyed the simulcast. Keillor sang a whole song about how great his baby is, because she is an English major. And instead of a cowboy gunfight, the showdown was a spelling duel. Good stuff.

    As for the paper, we missed this one at first, in part because the writing was so bad it stayed under the radar. Live and learn.


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