Friday, August 13, 2010

Science Lesson

I was never a science whiz. The only way I passed Chemistry in high school was through the careful selection of my lab partner: a kid who I knew 1) was a science genius and 2) didn't like to write lab reports. We were the perfect lab duo, once I learned how to keep a straight face whenever Craig said "THERmo-meter" instead of "ther-MOM-e-ter." He could never remember how to say it the traditional way.

But I certainly learned something scientific during my vacation. You know how they say matter is never created or destroyed? It's totally true.

I spent quite a bit of time cleaning and organizing the kitchen, but all that stuff that's been living more or less permanently on the counter merely found its way onto the dining room table. I chased it into the storage closet, but it refused to disappear. So I had to organize the closet, too.

Oh, yeah, NOW I get it.


  1. Oo, that's the exact arrangement I had with my bio lab partner: she dissected things and I wrote up the reports. Otherwise I'd have had a breakdown. :p

    I wish stuff could just vanish when we don't want it anymore. Wouldn't that be nice?

  2. Love the new photo...goodwill bags make it move further away! jejejejeje....

  3. LOL. My husband just cleaned out his storage garage behind the old house...and moved a bunch of it to a storage unit....until we can build another storage building at the new house. Arrrrrgh!


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