Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Today, My Friends, It's Good to Be Me

Things I am doing:

1. Lots of reading.

2. Looking forward to the first meeting about my plot in the local community garden. Goodbye, waiting list! Hello, heirloom seed catalogs!

3. Remembering a great tapas dinner last night.

4. Having lunch with my boss and a traveling scholar, where I will drink incredible amounts of Thai iced tea (no alcohol involved).

5. Preparing to leave town for a conference and stay in a historic tropical B&B.

6. Counting down to a week of vacation.

7. Making soup in the crock pot.

8. Gearing up to watch the local collegiate baseball playoffs.

9. Catching up on my blog reading (y'all have been busy!).

And what am I NOT doing, you may ask? Taking the second day of the bar exam. Whew! Having that thing in the rearview mirror makes me feel lucky all over again.


  1. Ah, community garden. Sounds wonderful. I am reading Animal, Vegetable, Mineral right now and cannot wait for a new growing season to do it "right" next time with all those heirlooms.

  2. This all sounds incredibly lovely!

  3. I cannot even imagine how relieved all the bar-exam-takers of the nation must be this evening. My sister's been taking me to her law school on the weekends, so we can sit in the air-conditioning there, and the third-years have all been extremely grim.

  4. Went to a ball game myself, for the first time in AGES, what a delight that was!
    And what is Thai iced tea please!?!

  5. Jacki, photos to follow. I read AVM, too, and enjoyed it, although I found the rules she followed rather daunting.

    Colleen, you said it!

    Jenny, there is a lot of drinking going on tonight, I am sure. Big stress relief tonight before the worry about results sets in.

    Oreneta, live baseball is the best! Thai iced tea is pretty high on the list, too. It really is this weird orange color, like at


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