Sunday, February 7, 2010

Yeesh, Who Wrote This???

When I was in N.O. for a legal conference, a "New Orleans Restaurant Guide from ZagatSurvey" took up four pages in the official newsletter that was handed out. All I can say is, someone somewhere should be hanging his/her head in shame.

A representative sample:

This Vieux Carre "shrine" to "golden-age" Creole-French cooking "still delivers" the "essence of old New Orleans" in its "rich" signature dishes and desserts like the baked Alaska ("order in advance"); the "beautiful", "antiques-filled rooms" are overseen by a "black-tie-attired" "lifelong staff" that "would bring you the Eiffel Tower if you asked", but to get the full experience "make sure you have the name of a waiter" and "follow his advice"; N.B. closed Tuesday-Wednesday, brunch-only on Sundays.

"Culinary genius" Susan Spicer creates "imaginative", "delectable" New American dishes with "local flavor", which are delivered by her "crackerjack" staff at the "shining star" in a Creole cottage "tucked away from the craziness of the French Quarter"; its "picturesque" patio and "multiple, intimate" dining areas ("request the first floor") are equally "attractive", adding up to a "slice of heaven" that's "well worth the price"; P.S. "go for lunch" - it's a "bargain" and the "duck PB&J will make you glad you're an adult now".


  1. That is utterly unreadable! HOW did it get past????

  2. I couldn't even finish reading either of those excerpts - I guess I can see the point of some of those quotation marks, but most of them are totally inexcusable!

  3. They are hideously bad, aren't they? It almost hurts to look.


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