Sunday, February 7, 2010

Just Sayin'

I am reading The Fellowship of the Ring as part of the Lord of the Rings Readalong. Generally speaking, I am loving every minute of it. But last night I actually had to stop reading because I was creeping myself out. Some things are better read during daylight hours.

Even though I'm a certified grown-up, literature still gets to me. Yeesh. Those Black Riders are something else!

I think it's the way they say "Baggins."


  1. I know a woman with a young son who made the mistake of reading Cormac McCarthy's The Road from about 1 to 5 am one insomniac night. She ended up in her son's bed hanging on to him to prove to herself he was still there. Horrors.

  2. Oh man, and they did such an amazing job giving that feeling in the movies too.

    Your kitty-couch-pillow header photo is SCRUMPTIOUS.

  3. Yes, yes. I know! I saw the film version of this when I was feverish and unable to breather from an undiagnosed case of pneumonia - I almost fainted and had to be helped out of the theatre!!

  4. I may be the only fan in the world who didn't see the movies (for fear they would ruin the pictures in my head,) but so many people have raved about how well-done they were, I'm thinking I have to!


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