Monday, November 16, 2009

A Nature Moment I Could Do Without

I hate to start the week off with a whine, but sometimes a girl's just gotta get something off her mind and into the blogosphere, you know?

I have a mosquito in my apartment! It is November, for crying out loud.

We have lots of mosquitos here during the summer and it's no big deal. But not in the house. Not biting my knuckles and shrieking in my ears while I am trying to sleep. It is terribly unpleasant to be waking up every 45 minutes or so, all night long, with that little "eeeeeeee" going on.

It is even more unpleasant to realize that what's waking me up is the reflex of slapping myself on the side of the head. At this point, it would be a positive triumph to have a squished bug in my hair.

Not to mention that so far I have been unable (due to the combination of things I would rather not describe, such as bad eyesight and middle-of-the-night grogginess) to even lay eyes on the little so-and-so.

I considered the possibility that I was going crazy. (Repeatedly slapping yourself in the head will make you think that.)

I considered the possibility that I was having some kind of ear problems.

Then my knuckles started to itch and swell and I knew it was for real. Which is the kind of good news that seems a lot like bad news: I'm not crazy, but I'm not getting much sleep, either.

Meanwhile, beware. I am cranky today.


  1. We always seem to get an in not one but January here. Weirdness. and Annoyance!

  2. Mosquitos--Right up there with liver, snakes and bad drivers. Ug.


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