Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Cheered Up Considerably

Nothing like a couple of kittens and a problem to solve to snap me out of my self-centered whiny attitude and give my life purpose again!

These two cuties were waiting out by my car when I left for work yesterday, exploring, playing, and occasionally meowing in that adorable questioning tone kittens have when they need some human direction. No cat mom in sight. And no human calling, "Here, kitty kitty kitty."

Well, except me.

They are the friendliest little beings I've seen in a long time. They came right to me, purred up a storm as soon as I picked them up, went willingly into the carrier, and purred the whole time the vet examined them, too. The calico I've named Sparkle Plenty. The yellow one is Timmie (short for Timothy--like the hay). My vet is a rather serious woman who never cracks a smile. But Timmie's antics had her laughing in about 5 minutes.

Here they are on their way to the vet's to get checked out while I determine my next move. This morning I'll be posting "Found: Kitten" signs and crossing my fingers they are merely escape artists and not a couple of homeless souls. But they were probably dropped off by someone who thought abandoning them was the right thing to do.

The Princess will never forgive me if I introduce these two into her golden years. So. Anyone low on their kitten quota? They would love to climb your Christmas tree.


  1. Ohohohohoh, they are SO sweet...what about CS???

  2. Sparkle Plenty! I love it. We are a sucker for animals, too. Good luck with finding parents for them.

  3. C.S. already owns three cats, two of which don't get along with each other. Otherwise, I'd be happy to adopt.

  4. Awwww.. what cute little kittens. I love the names. Hope they find homes soon :(

  5. Ohlala CS, you're SO off the hook!


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