Thursday, September 10, 2009

Mask Class

Here's the collective result of two Saturday mornings spent with Vaseline, plaster, and clay. We all started with our own faces and as you can see, with the decorations we became even more different!

Now that it's too late, I kind of wish I'd "opened the eyes" of my mask (middle row, far right). But at the time, there was something kind of creepy about digging around in my own eyes with a sharp stick.


  1. Those are absolutely lovely! I did a close up...did you make a negative imprint of your face, a mold, and them make the masks out of that before adding ornamentation???

    They are lovely!

  2. We were a talented bunch, weren't we? I was so impressed with everyone else's skill and creativity.

    Yes, we did just what you said. If you click on "Classes" at the bottom of the post, you can read all about it. And see pictures!

  3. They would be cool around the roof edge of a building. :)

    I noticed the ones with open eyes and agree it would have been nice. Strangely, those feel less "creepy" and I would have thought the opposite. But I don't really find the others creepy, they're very cool.

    I'm intrigued by the one in the lower left corner that is smiling!


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