Saturday, July 25, 2009

Mr. Loaf

I've always found it amusing that The New York Times, per newspaper style, always refers to Meat Loaf as Mr. Loaf on second reference. I got to thinking about that today when the graying musician, best known for the "Bat Out of Hell" album trilogy, was on the field at Dodger Stadium, taking part in a Hollywood celebrity softball tournament before a major league game that I was in Los Angeles to cover. When I mentioned this to J.G., she said that I just had to get a photo of him, as one of our blogging pals is a big fan.

First, though, here's what Meat Loaf looked like at the height of his popularity:

Here's one shot I took of Meat Loaf this afternoon, standing next to actor/comedian Tom Green:

And here's another:

Meat Loaf pitched, by the way, and won. I think he might have struck out Larry King in the process.


  1. Cool! I LOVE Meat Loaf! And I have Bat Out of Hell I and II.

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