Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Buzz Buzz

One of the fun things we did in Savannah was visit the Honey House operated by the Savannah Bee Company. They have lots of wonderful products: artisanal honeys, candles, hand lotions and other body potions, granola bars, and an array of honey samples for tasting. I never realized that you really can tell the difference between, say, Tupelo honey and Acacia honey. And there really is a honey for everyone.

I went with the Sourwood, which no one else in my group preferred. It's kind of smokey and maple-y, and I really fell in love with that unusual flavor.

Tasting the different honeys was very educational, but the best part of the tasting bar was the snack/appetizer they were serving. It sounds a bit weird, but my word, is it delicious! I think it's the sweet/salt combination. Here's how you assemble it:

Very thin slice of Granny Smith apple . . . topped with a smear of honey . . . topped with a tiny, thin slice of sharp cheddar cheese . . . topped with a blueberry.

Once you build your little tower, you stuff it into your mouth all in one bite. Your eyes roll back in your head while you experience a few moments of nirvana. You may make a few sounds like "Mmmmmmm." Then you start arguing with your companions about who gets the next one. Seriously. They are that good. I could have eaten a whole platterful.


  1. That does sound amazing....mmmmmmm...I love a pitted date, with an almond slid inside and some salt on it.

    Again sounds strange but is heavenly.

  2. That sounds delish! Our neighbor has bee hives and brings us a jar of his honey each year. It's just divine. It makes me never want to buy grocery store honey again.

  3. We bought several types of honey when we visited New England a couple of years ago, and gave some of them as gifts. Of course we kept some, too! They had things such as orange honey, blueberry honey, etc. All very yummy.

  4. No honey for me, thanks! I prefer my calories in the form of salty grease. :)

    I really just stopped by to say that I just started reading The Fixer, which is your pick too for the Double Dipper book in the Sunshine Smackdown. Have you started it yet?

    I picked it because it didn't appeal to me so I thought if I set some kind of deadline, I would actually read it. I am totally sucked in! Even though I know it is going to end in tears, Malamud is such a great writer, I am completely absorbed by the story.


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