Monday, July 20, 2009

Bridges, Bridges Everywhere

Bridges have been a hot topic lately with J.G. and me. She expressed her fear of the Skyway Bridge when we were in St. Petersburg a few weeks ago. She still remembers the 1980 collapse when the bridge was struck by a ship during a storm. But I managed to convince her to drive over the new bridge with me, and we made it across safely (though there wasn't a whole lot of talking in the car as we were going over):

Next came our trip to Savannah this past weekend and another bridge encounter. This one spans from Savannah to Hutchinson Island, where our hotel was located. The difference this time was that I was the nervous one. It was as if J.G. had transmitted her fear to me. Is that possible?

Last but not least, the Coronado Bridge in San Diego. I'm here on business and couldn't wait to tell J.G. about this little baby. It's both high and long, and I quickly decided that I would not be taking any trips over to Coronado Island during my stay here. All it took was one look at this sucker:

I'm ready for a break from bridges.


  1. For the very first time in my life I was worried driving over a bridge. In Ottawa they have a bridge that they have added lanes to, so there is this sort of sidecar road that is made of those grids you can see down know, those metal ones. The rail was low and we were clearly outside the structural members of the bridge. What really got me though was the kind of slick feel you got throught he wheel. Most alarming.

    You can see it here:

  2. Oh, boy, I would hate going over this one. My whole day would revolve around making sure I got to travel on the "real" part of the bridge.


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