Sunday, March 15, 2009

We Have Liftoff!

Got to see my first launch tonight and it was very, very cool -- from the fiery takeoff to the loud rumble about a minute later. Plus, the sandwiches at our picnic were pretty darn good, too. Not to mention the jelly beans.

Here's J.G. at our little picnic spot, looking out toward Cape Kennedy some five miles distant, about an hour before takeoff of Space Shuttle Discovery:




So long earth.....see you in two weeks.


  1. How cool is that!

    I know what you meant about Paris. I went when I was 19 for 3 days and it felt like I was just ticking off a list of things to see, rushing around. I didn't appreciate it then, not like now. Hope you can go again one day.

  2. So very cool.....I did a tour once, but I've never seen a lift off...

  3. A launch and jellybeans, what could be better?


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