Thursday, March 12, 2009

Gearing Up

The weekend is ahead and that means plans and preparations and near-endless discussions of schedules and possible permutations. One thing I've learned about C.S.: he's never sure from one day to the next what his work schedule will be. So we have to be prepared for a number of contingencies whenever we plan anything.

I go in to the same office every weekday, almost without fail, and usually have the weekends and holidays off. In contrast, C.S. has long stretches where he works and travels many days in a row without a day off, even on weekends and holidays. But because his "office" is his laptop and his cellphone, sometimes it's hard to tell that he's technically working.

Sometimes he works from the press box at a ballgame, or on the field during batting practice, or in the clubhouse when victory champagne is being sprayed. (He says it hurts like hell when it gets in your eyes, in case you didn't know that.) He's guested on radio talk shows from Starbucks. He's asked coaches questions while driving, talking on the phone and taking notes while I frantically motion for him to pull over, for God's sake! He's shared popcorn with Magic Johnson during a basketball game (this is one of my favorite vignettes, so I just have to name-drop). And when the season is over, he gets about six weeks of uninterrupted vacation time. During which he usually gets bored and goes back to work via cellphone and laptop.

All that sounds pretty great, right? Lately, not so much. The newspaper business, in case you haven't heard, is in serious financial trouble and C.S.'s paper suffered through the tension and fear of a big announcement this week. It meant layoffs, buyouts, empty positions being eliminated, no more retirement matching, unpaid furloughs, and pay cuts. Fortunately, C.S. was not one of the layoff targets, but this time he personally knows some of the people who got the axe. It's painful.

High time for a weekend off, which includes a chance for us to schedule a variety of activities, all pending any astounding developments in the sports world, in which case we will just have to adapt. First on the list is the Florida Antiquarian Booksellers Association Book Fair in St. Pete (photo from their website).

Isn't this the most beautiful room of books ever? I've never been to a big deal book fair before, so anticipation is practically off the scale. We may not be buying, but we sure as heck are going to browse our hearts out! It's a great excuse for a road trip, too. Who knows, I might even get some knitting done in the car. (My so-called scarf isn't even big enough to pass for a coaster yet.)

Also on the agenda are a baseball game (C.S. is such a good sport--this is my doing and probably not what he wants to do on his day off, but at least we won't have to write about it afterwards) and perhaps a trip to Titusville to see the Shuttle go up. Can you believe C.S. has lived in Florida for years and has never seen a launch in person? I grew up with them--we used to walk a block from our house down to the river to get a clear view of the Apollo moon launches--but it's something that never loses its lustre, especially when it's a night launch (photo from I'm really hoping C.S. gets to see it this Sunday!

P.S. What is UP with the darn spacing in my posting?! It has a mind of its own, doggone it. (You can't see it here, anymore, because it eventually decided to fix itself. Only God knows why. I certainly don't.) If anyone can refer me to Bad Spacers Anonymous to help me deal with the problem, please, have pity and clue me in.


  1. Sounds like a fantastic weekend. How was Toronto? Did he enjoy it? I hope so.

  2. I hate that spacing thing,too. Sometimes Blogger has a mind of its own. Fabulous book fair.


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