Saturday, March 14, 2009

Booking Saturday

"Booking" can mean moving rapidly, as in "By the time he got to the first turn, he was really booking."

"Booking" can mean making a reservation, as in "We booked a cruise to the Alaska next summer." Well, maybe not in this economy. has helpfully reminded me that the "reservation" can also be in the jail, as in "Book him, Dan-o."

"Booking" can mean getting the highest grade in a law school class, as in "She's so smart--she booked Torts and Property." Even though they don't actually give out books as prizes anymore.

"Booking" can mean reading. Does anyone else remember a 1970's public service spot promoting the library that had shots of different people saying "Book it!"?

Good grief! What a punctuation train wreck that was.

Today I'll be booking it in a different way: over to the book fair.

Maybe I'll have something interesting to post about afterwards! One of those elusive early Booker Prize winners, perhaps? Cross your fingers!

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  1. Pity the poor people learning English....ohmy goodness. How was the fair?


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