Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Computer Issues Continue

J.G.'s computer remained in the shop for a second straight day. It doesn't exactly rank with 18 days without power, but it is annoying her. In the meantime, you're stuck with me. And all I have to talk about is baseball, which is consuming my life at the moment.

There is one player I should mention. Incredibly, the guy is a reader. Very intelligent. Attended a Top 20 university, received a degree in business, and told me today he wished he had majored in English instead. Not your typical ballplayer. Most of them went to the pros straight out of high school. Anyway, he's agreed to let me write about his reading habits throughtout the course of the summer. He reads novels and some of it is actual literature. That'll probably anger the hard-core baseball readers. But perhaps it'll interest a different audience, too.

As for J.G., keep your fingers crossed that her computer gets fixed soon.

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  1. Sounds kind of cool...I have to confess.....baseball and books, how good is THAT!!! I am going to HAVE to make it to a game this year....


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