Monday, February 9, 2009

Busy as the Proverbial . . .

Big work events today and tomorrow, when all the planning I've been concentrating on for the past months comes to fruition (or fails utterly, a prospect I am determined NOT to consider a possibility).

I don't know if it's a positive or a negative, but I don't remember being this concerned about planning my wedding, for goodness' sake! Back in the day, I guess I just didn't know what could go wrong and/or had a lot more confidence that it wouldn't. Now the What Ifs seem a tad more likely.

C.S. helpfully suggested that if the power goes out, that would be a disaster, but people probably wouldn't even notice anything less obvious. My first thought was "Oh great, another thing to worry about!" But I soon realized that, oddly enough, if the power went out it wouldn't bother me: it would be so totally beyond my control that I wouldn't feel responsible. What I worry about are things like not bringing any markers for the whiteboard . . . . In my little world, that would be a disaster!

Anyway, think some good thoughts for me!

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  1. good luck with it all, hope you remember your markers..and the lights stay on.


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