Monday, February 16, 2009

Books for the Heart Challenge Wrap-Up

This quickie challenge is over now, and I only managed to read one book (Light in August) during the two-week window. My suspicion that I wouldn't get much reading done in early February turned out to be correct. I'll be sending the Central Florida chapter of the American Heart Association my "whichever is greater" $15 pledge minimum.

Michelle at was up to a $52 donation at last count, with 17 people participating. Wrap-up links are being posted now. How smart and kind of Michelle to get us all motivated to do something we might not otherwise do.

I happily overpaid for a cupcake at a Go Red bake sale this past week, but wouldn't have written a check without the extra incentive to pledge and make good on my promise. I'm guessing Michelle's other 16 readers felt the same (willing, but unfocused?). Thanks to Michelle's great idea, we knew what to do and got motivated to do it!

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