Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Today's Highs and Lows

In the hope of fostering a good laugh today, here are today's temperatures: low of 41, high of 63.

What's funny about this? Everyone thinks it is freezing. As in, "OMG, I put on a sweater and long pants, and I'm still cold."

Yeah, I know. In addition to being lousy at driving, running elections, and preserving the natural beauty of our tropical paradise, we Floridians are temperature wimps.

In contrast, C.S. and I agree that it's wonderful to have a chance to wear a sweater or a jacket. C.S. was born up north and has lived all over, and I must have been a northerner myself in a previous life. We may be the only people in the state whose teeth are not chattering.


  1. They're the same here is Spain, though I have to admit I am also turning into the most appalling wimp....I am CANADIAN for goodness sakes, and I am whining about 2 degree weather....I may have to hand in my passport!

  2. I think the tropics make everyone's blood thinner.


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