Thursday, January 15, 2009


Even though I had promised myself I would do less blogging this week (it being a very busy time at work and adequate sleep being a new necessity these days), here I am again, typing away. What the heck. I learned to get by on low sleep during law school. In a way, it's kind of nostalgic.

Here are some interview questions from Hula Girl at Heart, who kindly offered to let volunteers play, too. I'll take volunteers, as well. Fire away in the comments, or leave me a link to your blogged answers--I promise to visit and read!

Great food for thought.

1. When you take a week long vacation how many pairs of shoes do you take (just for you) and what kind are they?
(J.G.) I am a ruthless suitcase packer--my usual mode is to assemble everything I want to take and then put back about half of it--and this makes my travel wardrobe very boring and repetitive. Usually I limit myself to a set of day shoes for sightseeing and a set of dress shoes for dinner out. Almost all my shoes are black, anyway, so there are not many choices. Boring, but easy and effective. And no matching problems.
(C.S.) I'm on the road about 100 nights a year and take as many pairs as I think I'll need (duh). If I'm on a 3- or 4-day trip, I'll take either black OR brown everyday shoes, depending on the mood and which clothes I'm bringing, and a pair of sneakers. If I'm going to be gone for longer, say a 9- or 10-day trip, I'll pack all three.
2. In Sartre’s play "No Exit" the three main characters are stuck in a room with no exit and don’t like each other. They eventually realize that hell is being stuck with each other forever. What person or persons would be hell for you to be stuck with in a room forever? If you don’t want to name names, just speak in generalities ie..the girl who relentlessly picked on you in third grade.
(J.G.) I enjoy discussion and don't care if not everyone agrees with my position. In fact, it is often the most fun to discuss with people who don't agree. I firmly believe that truth comes from the dialectic, the old thesis + antithesis = synthesis equation in which different viewpoints eventually combine to reach a better version of reality than before.
That said, I can't stand to discuss with people who don't Play Nice. My personal hell would therefore be: people who think discussion includes losing one's temper, resorting to insults, sarcasm, and personal remarks, and refusing to consider that the other viewpoints have any merit at all. I can rant with the best of 'em, on occasion, but generally my rule is "disagree without being disagreeable." Otherwise, I don't want to talk to you.
(C.S.) Chatterboxes. Loud, annoying chatterboxes. You know the type.

3. In honor of the inauguration: If you could ask any U.S. President, living or dead, one question and he would have to answer it HONESTLY, which President would you pick, and what question would you ask?
(J.G.) This is a scary one. I haven't formulated the precise question, but I would want to ask James Madison some version of "When y'all wrote the Constitution, did you intend for it to say exactly what it meant, or did you want it to be interpreted in light of changing times?" The whole Strict Construction versus Living Document debate really interests me. As just one example, did they mean "the right to bear arms" to include today's suburban guy next door who owns all those high-powered guns?
The scary part is: What if he gives me the answer I don't like? Would I be sorry I asked?
My backup choice would be to ask Barack Obama which color of El Yucateco hot sauce he likes best.
(C.S.) Dwight Eisenhower. Remember me? I was the little towheaded boy standing with his mom on the side of the road in northern Indiana, waving and yelling "Hi Ike!" (Mom's orders) as your motorcade sped past in the early '60s.
4. Our local newspaper does a weekly thing where they stop someone on the street, ask what the top ten songs are their iPod are and print them. What song in your entire music collection would you be most embarrassed to see in print next to your name?
(J.G.) Embarrassing may not be the perfect word for how it would feel, but this is a tossup between Meat Loaf's "Bat Out of Hell" and David Allen Coe's "You Never Even Called Me By My Name." Let's just say my musical tastes vary widely.
(C.S.) "Beep Beep" by The Playmates. You can listen to it here:
5. Are you a “hat person”? If so, describe your hat or hats. If not, explain why.
(J.G.) No way, no how. I wish I was, but almost every hat looks awful on me. I still wear them for appropriate occasions (horse shows, baseball games) but it's never the pleasure I hope it will be.
(C.S.) Not wild about them, but will wear a baseball cap on occasion, especially if I'm going to be outside in the Florida sun for any extended period.
Okay, your turn! (C.S., this means you!) Consider it done -- C.S.


  1. Ummmm, don't have an iPod, nor Mp3...and hats, I think look great on me! I too would have to wonder if they meant the wording literally, but ultimately does it matter what they meant?

  2. I like those themed collections in the sidebar, I always think in terms on song collections and film collections - For instance, a film festival with various films in which the main character doesn't know he/she is already dead - Sixth Sense, Jacob's Ladder, Siesta.

    Hmm...possible blog topic.

  3. Oreneta, you are so lucky you are a happy hat person! As for the Constitution, the U.S. is still functioning under those words, and what they "meant" versus what they "said" is the kind of thing legal scholars spend their careers on. Good stuff to think about.

  4. ArtSparker, great idea for a blog post, and a good idea for the themed reading list, too. May I use it? (I'll credit you.)

    Obviously, I thought of too many themes and will have to save them for next year.

  5. Excellent presidential questions! I too, am a basic shoe person when I'm traveling. At home? Another story. I LOVE hats, especially vintage hats from the 30's and 40's. Thanks for playing along!!


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