Friday, January 30, 2009

101 Update

It's time for a progress evaluation of my "101 Things in 1001 Days" self-challenge. I started it November 28 and didn't report anything in December, mostly because I didn't exactly get off to a roaring start, with the holidays and all. I had pretty good focus in January, but my concentration has tailed off recently as I've been consumed by preparing for a big work event coming up February 9-10.

Over the last week, everything I've been working on has been due NOW. There are only so many NOWs to go around before my personal life gets put on hold about 20 hours of the day. Then I use the remaining 4 hours for sleep, and start all over again. Fortunately, I learned how to do this in law school. (At the time, who knew even that part was a useful lesson?)

I'll be back on track soon. Meanwhile, here's what's happened so far:

3. Eat breakfast daily. (46 times, ongoing, and could be more if a handful of Hershey's kisses counted; can I get a ruling on that?)

13. Do a secret good deed for someone. (my neighbors left their bagged trash outside their door for an entire day; instead of giving it the stink eye, I carried it down and threw it in the dumpster, 1/3/09)

18. Donate to a cat charity. (Space Coast Feline Network, 12/7/08)

27. Knit a scarf. (Signed up for class and bought yarn 12/30/08, took class 1/10/09, enjoyed every minute, haven't touched it since so . . . ongoing . . . sort of)

28. Spruce up Little George's gravesite with pavers. (added pavers and flowers with C.S.'s help, 1/5/09)

41. Weed out my closet. (1/1/09, now I need to go shopping)

54. Join a food co-op. (12/29/08, but have only placed one order so far)

58. Try habanero cheese. (this one's a keeper, 12/23/08)

67. Tour the gardens at Leu Gardens. (and posted about it, 12/28/08)

68. Enter a contest. ("Win a Trip to the Inauguration," 12/31/08)

97. Make a real budget! (past "budgets" have meant paying the bills and spending what's left, but now I actually know how much I should be spending each week, a big improvement in keeping myself financially oriented and ensuring I don't have, as the saying goes, too much month left at the end of the money, 1/19/09)


  1. Impressive! I should give it a go too....maybe I'll get through some of the list that I otherwise would never do...

  2. Why not? You might like it. The deadline is motivating, but not scary because it's nearly 3 years away.


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