Sunday, December 28, 2008

My Winter (or, One Sign I'm Lucky to Live in Florida)

I spent the afternoon at Leu Gardens and it was simply fantastic: sunny and mid-70's, with birds and butterflies galore. There are many, many sections to the 50 acres, including a tropical stream, vegetable and herb gardens, a white garden, and a rose garden. Spectacular!


  1. Sigh. Enjoy the sun and warmth for me. Lovely. Is it spring yet?

  2. Yes, indeed, I'll soak in some sunshine for you! Wish I was a better photographer to do this beauty justice. One more photo is up now (missed it the first time).

  3. Lovely. Where is Leu gardens located? I wish it were in my backyard! lol!

    Thank you for stopping by my blog and adding me to your blog roll. That was very kind of you : )


  4. Sharon, thank YOU for stopping by. Leu Gardens is handily within Orlando city limits, which makes it all the more amazing. Now my goal is to buy a house that borders it, so I can pretend it's my yard. :-)

    Amanda, keep warm! Coffee will help!



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