Saturday, August 23, 2008

Spoke Too Soon

I can't believe it, but the weather is socked in again. Fay is on her way out of state at last, and it's as though she is wearing a fancy evening gown of clouds and rain. After she strolled by in all her glory, this morning was a hem slit of clear sky and now she is giving us a last sweep of her mermaid train. I will surely be happy to see the end of her.

Meanwhile, I am learning to give the cat a pill for her recently developed thyroid condition. This is accompanied by much praise for her bravery and usually goes pretty well. What I can't believe is how adept she is at spitting it out after the process is completed! I will actually watch her swallow it . . . or so I think . . . and a few minutes later, it's "Hey, what's this little white thing on the carpet?" Sure enough, it's the pill, still damp. So we get to go through the whole process again. Perhaps I should develop a chaser that will ensure it goes down the first time. Meanwhile, I am getting twice the practice! And so is she, now that I think of it.

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