Monday, August 25, 2008

Red-Eye Return

Time to put San Francisco and Phoenix in the rearview mirror and head on home, where I'm hoping for dry weather. I missed all the rain and excitement that Tropical Storm Fay produced, but I hear it caused quite a mess. Like a good weatherwoman, J.G. kept me posted on all the necessaries, such as projected paths and rainfall amounts.

Here's the kicker, though. Four years ago, J.G. was about to enter law school when Hurricane What's-Its-Name interrupted plans and forced the cancellation of orientation. Now it's happening all over again to my daughter, who is an entering 1L at Florida. Orientation? Nah-dah. Cancelled.

Oh well. Here we go again. Just when I make it through law school with one, I'm back aboard with another. I'm figuring that, through some form of osmosis, I'll soon know enough law to pass the bar. Who needs the classes? It's a lot more fun, and much less stressful, my way.

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