Monday, May 20, 2019

Why Is That?

I spent a chunk of the weekend reorganizing the bookshelves. Between the random shelving of new arrivals and double-layered shelves, they were a mess. I couldn't find anything!

I looked for a book for a friend the other day and finally gave up because I simply could not find it. That's pitiful. (The same thing happened with my swim fins, mask and snorkel, but that's a different post. No snorkeling for me until I figure that out.) 

Mid-way through this re-organizing project, however, what's evolved are a bunch of stacks on the floor and the couch, grouped by subject. The shelves do look better, but the rest of the room has deteriorated, looking even worse than before.

That got me thinking: why do things seem to get worse before they get better? It's a proverb that it's always darkest before the dawn and all that, but seriously: why do things seem to continue to worsen after we intervene, before we turn things around? Why can't we just recognize a trend and stop it in its tracks?

Definitely food for thought while I'm moving the books around. 

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