Monday, April 22, 2019

And . . . Nope

Announcing the first casualty of my recently-formed determination not to read books that don't interest me, just because they're on some reading list somewhere.

It took less than 100 pages to decide that the best thing about this book was its small size, which made it perfect for toting back and forth to the office and reading on the train. So I put it down without a backwards glance. That felt quite liberating!

I have nothing against Faulkner but will save my intricate-sentence-and-intense-vocabulary thrills for his other works. 


  1. Whoooo hoooo!!!! Congratulations!!!!! I'm on a high risj dor dropping category at the moment, dipping my toe into Russian classics. Eugene Onegin? Surprisingly good. The Master and Margerita, not going so well.

    1. It felt pretty good to just stop. Thanks for the encouragement! Glad to hear you're enjoying the Russian classics. I should broaden my range!


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