Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Spammy Comments, Yuck!

I've been getting some spammy comments lately. If they're not advertising, they're enthusiastic but vague comments tossed in a word salad. It's quite annoying.

Temporarily, I've put moderation in place -- but I don't expect that to be a great solution because it creates extra e-mail for me.

How do other bloggers avoid spam? I'd love some suggestions!

(By the way, I resisted including a picture of Spam in this post. You can thank me later.)


  1. I use the Askimet anti-spam plugin. It's worked like a charm for years, not made a mistake yet.

  2. And thanks for resisting the pic. Not sure I could have. ;-)

  3. I moderate my comments. When I see a spam I delete it. Mine are hilarious. Mostly escort services in Mumbai! I've always moderated.

  4. I realized I didn't say that you don't have to moderate via email. You can just go to blogger, go to your settings, then posts, comments, and sharing. You have a choice whether or not to use email. I just go in to see my comments, and when there is a wrong one, I put it in spam and then delete it. Not sure how clear that is when put into words.

    1. Thank you, Nan! I'm going to try this method.

  5. Thanks for the suggestions! I am still getting spam -- especially on this post, which is weird. Do spammers not know they are making spam? Do they not read the post before they comment? Does talking about spam somehow attract it? So many questions! :-)


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