Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Car Woes

This isn't exactly a rant, but it's close.

Saturday I had an appointment to take Tex to the dealer for a repair. Tex must have taken a rock somewhere along the way, shattering the cover over one of her front turn signals. All that was left was little jagged pieces of broken plastic around the edges, leaving the bulb exposed.

In the interest of efficiency, when I made the appointment, I also spoke with the parts department and had them order the part. Tex is a 2009, and I figured (correctly) that it wouldn't be in stock -- so I coordinated the part delivery and the appointment. I thought I'd done good!

However . . . I showed up at the dealer on Saturday morning, gave them the car, told them about the part that was supposed to be delivered on Friday, and waited. And waited. And waited.

About 90 minutes later, the service person came out to tell me that Tex needed new wiper blades and that they'd found an oil leak. They wanted $125 to "locate" the leak. I said "No thanks" and I'd take care of that another time, because I hadn't noticed any oil leak. The service person suggested I put a flattened cardboard box under the car when I park it and then I'll see the oil leaking. I told her I already do that (true) and I haven't seen any oil (also true). I asked them to just finish up so I could be on my way.

Thirty minutes later, I paid and off I went. First mistake: I didn't look closely at the receipt. Second mistake: I didn't check Tex when she came back to me. But 2 hours later I checked -- and noticed that the plastic cover was not replaced!

So back to the dealer we went.

Turns out there had been a "miscommunication" between the service person and the repair person, and they had replaced the bulb of the turn signal on that side, and that's all.

Now I ask you, if you're the service technician replacing the bulb, wouldn't you have noticed that the cover was broken off and there were only jagged bits of plastic around the edge where the cover was supposed to be?      

Maybe they should have been more interested in what I was complaining about, and less interested in trying to find things that I wasn't complaining about so they could charge me for them! I thought that, but didn't say it.

However, I did say it in the Customer Satisfaction Survey they sent me. I'm expecting a follow-up call.

Meanwhile, the whole experience felt kind of scammy. I don't think I'll be going back to that dealer again.

I will be checking my oil regularly, though, just in case.   


  1. Not replacing the cover of the turn-signal is just outright laugh-out-loud dumb.

    When I was taking care of car woes as a single woman, I'm sure there were some places that tried to take advantage. I hated having to deal with it.

    1. I thought it was ridiculous, too! I mean, heck, the bulb was right there in the open -- surely I could have changed it myself if I'd wanted to!

      I hate the whole car thing, too. My technique is to find some folks who seem to steer me right and then pretty much trust them. For this, though, my regular mechanics wanted me to bring Tex in for an exam before they ordered the part, and I didn't want to wait two Saturdays to get this done.

      No follow-up call from customer service at the dealer, by the way. I guess they don't care.


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