Friday, February 8, 2019

Declaring Defeat

I read as much as I could of this book, one paragraph at a time. Despite my interest in the subject, and the historical significance of Lord Raglan's work in general, AND the looming deadline of the Ethereal 2018 challenge, it kept putting me to sleep. It's just . . .  really dry.

I may make another attempt at reading it sometime in the future. We'll see. At this point I'm not making any promises.

Which leads me to the end of the Ethereal 2018 challenge, which was (to put a positive spin on it), 33% successful. I enjoyed Uprooted very much, mostly because of Nina Lyon's refreshing take on the subject matter. Raglan's The Hero was the antidote to that, unfortunately, and as for The Land of the Green Man, we may never know. 

Thanks to host Carolyn Reidel of Riedel Fascination for creating such an interesting challenge. I wish I had been more successful at it. 

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