Friday, December 7, 2018

The Color Coded Reading Challenge 2018 - My Wrap-Up

Whoo hoo! I'm finished!

True to form, I read the last book a while back but have just now posted that one last review.

Here's what I read this year, and a nice variety it is, too. Lots of prize winners, plus a couple of books that had been on my TBR list for a long time, despite the fact that they didn't win anything. Settings ran the gamut from Florida to China, while subject matter ranged from monarch butterflies to near-fatal depression to Japanese garden design and mysterious events during World War II. A little fiction, a little poetry -- this mixed bag was all good and I enjoyed it thoroughly.

Blue: Flight Behavior - Barbara Kingsolver (Orion Book Award finalist)
Red: The Boat to Redemption - Su Tong (Asian Literary Prize)
Yellow: A Travel Guide for Reckless Hearts: Stories - N.M. Kelby (Florida Book Award)
Green: The Garden of Evening Mists - Tan Twan Eng (Asian Literary Prize)
Brown: The Body Artist - Don DeLillo
Black: Darkness Visible: A Memoir of Madness - William Styron
White: The Finkler Question - Howard Jacobson (Booker Prize)
Any other color: Orange: Three Sisters - Bi Feiyu (Asian Literary Prize)
Implied color: Light: The Light Around the Body - Robert Bly (National Book Award for Poetry)

My reviews are under the Reviews tab, if you're interested.

I really enjoy this challenge -- it's low intensity and has a little bit of the thrill of the chase built into it. The fact that I've always had an affinity for things organized around the color spectrum probably has something to do with it, too. Displays like this make me happy (even when they're not made out of candy).

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Photo: Reddit
I can't wait to sign up for next year!

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