Monday, November 19, 2018

If You Say So

Overheard in the car, late at night:

Passenger: That guy we were talking to, he owns a bacco company.


Driver (skeptical): Wait, who owns a tobacco company???

Passenger: Not a tobacco company, a bacco company.


Passenger: No "to."


Driver: What's a bacco?

Passenger: A machine you dig ditches with.

(Pause, then uproarious laughter from both.)

Driver: You mean a backhoe!

Passenger: That's what I said. Bacco.

(Prolonged hysterical laughter from both.)

Driver: Backhoe. Back-hoe. Back hoe. Not "bacco"!

Passenger: You need to listen better.

Driver: You need to learn to enunciate.

A backhoe loader combines a backhoe, a loader and a tractor into one piece of equipment.


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