Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Still Summer

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Despite what most folks might say about Florida, August 1 ushers in an ever-so-slight shift in the light that means fall is on the way. Our days are definitely growing shorter and the blazing heat of high summer has moderated by a miniscule amount. It's nothing like northern climates, but it's what we have.

This hint of fall's approach isn't enough to make me want to eat anything cooked, however. It's still salads all the way until the heat really breaks. 

Meanwhile, there's gazpacho. I love stacking everything up in the bowl before I mix it together into what one of my school friends calls "If salad was soup."

To complete the effect, after sunset tonight there was a tremendous thunderstorm with pelting rain, a spit of hail, ear-splitting thunder, and lightning directly overhead. Yep, still summer.

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