Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Score One for Accuracy

We've been having an incredibly rainy summer. Sometimes it rains in the morning, which is weird for this area. Our usual weather pattern is hot and sunny most of the day, giving the clouds time to build up in the west and sweep overhead with thunder and lightning galore, creating all kinds of excitement for about 15 minutes. This usually happens in the early afternoon (just in time to catch me returning from lunch) or around 3 p.m. (fine by me) or quite often around 5 p.m. (adding an extra dimension to the evening commute). And sometimes it socks in and rains all evening.

Florida is supposed to be water-soaked, so I have no problem with this -- although I have to wonder what in the heck we'll do if we have a hurricane when the river is already at flood stage.

Meanwhile, all these rainy days played havoc with the baseball schedule. The local summer wood bat league has navigated its season and playoffs have begun. I've become more diligent about attending, as the end of the season nears.

Yesterday it rained early and the start was delayed. I went to the ballpark at the usual time, and was literally the only person in the stands for about 15 minutes. Then a few more dedicated spectators appeared, and the announcer felt obliged to let us know what was going on.

"LADY and gentlemen," he said, "tonight's game will begin at 7:15."

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