Monday, August 20, 2018


Things I'd never done until yesterday:

1. Bought 2 pool noodles and promptly destroyed them.

2. Created makeshift roof rack pads to carry my kayak (see Item 1).

3. Loaded my kayak all by myself, using a technique I learned from a YouTube video. It was shockingly easy.

4. Sweated through my clothes 3 times in one day.

5. Had to take a shower in order to be clean enough to go kayaking with friends.

6. Stopped to check the kayak on the side of I-95 and stood in black ants while checking. My kayak was fine and my feet were okay eventually. (Thank goodness they weren't fire ants!)

7. Saw a bright and prolonged shooting star traverse half the sky, while floating under the moon, planets, and stars on a beautiful estuary.

8. Ran off the road on the way home, I guess because of inattention on a dark, sparsely marked remote roadway. The road turned and I didn't. The next thing I knew, I was driving on grass. Fortunately there was no ditch or culvert to fall into. (You can bet I slowed down after that.)

Like the song says, "When was the last time you did something for the first time?"

It feels good And even if it didn't feel good, I survived!

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  1. I remember doing things for the first time when I was on my own after my first marriage ended. (I installed a peephole in my front door - also shockingly easy) First times were thrilling!

    Lately . . . well, this week is my first time having grandchildren here together who are different 'sides' of the family (my husband's daughter's boys, my daughter's daughter). It was completely unplanned (Bill's daughter was admitted from emergency to ICU on Friday night with severe pneumonia) and more than a little chaotic - but the children are getting along marvelously. And now they'll know who I mean when I talk about the others. ;-)


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