Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Nevertheless, a Good Spring

So far this year has included precious little baseball, which is not to my liking but can't be avoided. My chosen city is far from the Grapefruit League venues, which all seem to be marching further southward with the passage of time, while I drift north with every move. And work has been keeping me busy, even on the weekends.

There's college baseball here, but it's a little too rah-rah for me. I'm just not drawn to it, although the team is tearing it up this year. Their current record is 24-8, so yes, I really should go.

Thanks to C.S.'s prompting, I made a pilgrimage to see the Red Sox, near and dear to my heart. Never in my wildest dreams would I have expected to be on the field for batting practice before the game, but C.S. made it happen.

It's a spring tradition for C.S. to call me from the field and let me listen to the crack of the bat from behind the batting cage. This year I heard it live.

That makes up for a lot of missed games.



  1. The Red Sox! Dear to my heart. A good spring, indeed.

    1. They are my first love, through all the ups and downs.


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