Saturday, January 6, 2018

Mount TBR Reading Challenge 2018 - My Sign-Up

Climb Pike's Peak and keep going!

That's my goal for the Mount TBR Reading Challenge, hosted with enthusiasm by voracious reader Bev at My Reader's Block. I'd love to clear off some TBR books and get extra credit for the reading I'm already committed to doing, and this challenge satisfies both of those wishes. Check out the rules here if you're interested in joining this one, which is elegant in its simplicity and may also prove strenuous!

Because the rules allow an upgrade to a higher mountain, but no downgrade to a smaller mountain, I've committed to the minimum of 12 books. If I conquer the 12, I'll set my sights on a higher mountain. My other challenge reading has already committed me to more than 30 books, so it should be a cinch. We shall see!

My Pike's Peak list (to be updated as I read):

1. The Body Artist - Don DeLillo (review)
2. Uprooted: On the Trail of the Green Man - Nina Lyon (review)
3. Flight Behavior - Barbara Kingsolver (review)
4. The Boat to Redemption - Su Tong (review)
5. When Women Were Birds: Fifty-Four Variations on Voice - Terry Tempest Williams (review)
6. Three Sisters - Bi Feiyu (review)
7. A Travel Guide for Reckless Hearts: Stories - N.M. Kelby (review)
8. Fathers Playing Catch with Sons: Essays on Sport [Mostly Baseball] - Donald Hall (review)
9. The Garden of Evening Mists - Tan Twan Eng (review)
10. Sightlines: A Conversation with the Natural World - Kathleen Jamie (review)
11. Season of Migration to the North - Tayeb Salih (review)
12. House Made of Dawn - N. Scott Momaday (review)

Hey, I made it to the top of Pike's Peak! Next would be Mount Blanc and 24 books. Hm. I'll have to think about that. Maybe I should just rest on my laurels instead of pushing on.

13. Rediscovering Rawlings, a River and Time - Bill Belleville (review)
14. H Is for Hawk - Helen Macdonald (review)
15. The Finkler Question - Howard Jacobson (review)
16. Darkness Visible: A Memoir of Madness - William Styron (review)
17. The Light Around the Body - Robert Bly (review)
18. 100 Love Sonnets - Pablo Neruda (review)
19. Henderson the Rain King - Saul Bellow (review)
20. With Eyes at the Back of Our Heads - Denise Levertov (review)
21. A Sand County Almanac and Sketches Here and There - Aldo Leopold (review)
22. Delights & Shadows - Ted Kooser (review)
23. The Sensual World Re-emerges - Eleanor Lerman (review)
24. Stag's Leap - Sharon Olds (review)

Hey, I made it! And this was a great reason to stay up until almost midnight: reading poetry!

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