Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Holiday Roundup

So far . . . .

I've managed to buy more presents for myself than gifts for other people. I'm easier to shop for, and I always know what I want. This time of year I make sure I get it!

That said, I'm making good progress on my gift list. It gets shorter every year. More and more people get cards with a nice handwritten note, and there's nothing wrong with that. This kind of scaling back is less stressful for me to accomplish and perhaps also less stressful on others who may feel pressured to reciprocate.

I bought a generous collection of candies at the local chocolate shop as a collective gift for my coworkers. They even had some vegan chocolate, allowing me to respect everyone's food choices. After the clerk wrapped all the little packets up in a decorative box, I realized she hadn't removed the price stickers, so I had to open the box and remove the little tags. And wouldn't you know it, then all the little packets wouldn't fit back in the box again. Oh well. No one will ever miss those pretzel sticks dipped in white chocolate, will they?

Speaking of holiday treats, I started on the indulgences right after Thanksgiving. Usually I limit myself to one quart of eggnog, but I drank it so long ago that I'm considering making an exception to the rule and buying another. On the brighter side, I still have this to look forward to:

Image result for publix peppermint ice cream

If you're lucky enough to live near a Publix supermarket and you haven't tried this, well, I can only say "Get some, ASAP!" It's delicious.

This weekend I have three different holiday events to go to. That's a pretty big deal for me, as I usually like to stay home. One's a boat ride which is likely to include my idea of hell (40 degrees and raining); the boat has plenty of interior space and hardy among us will be honor bound to make it a good time anyway. One's an open house that also includes shuffleboard (a sport that deserves more respect, and for which my host is trying to spur a resurgence; check out his blog here about being invited to participate in the world championships). Again, cold weather will make that an adventure, but why not? The third is a party for the local Pony Club; the kids will play games, the adults will drink wine, and everyone will talk about horses a lot. That's my kind of party.

I also have vacation time to look forward to. Once all the festivities are over, I'll get a nice long break . . . . to enjoy those self-gifted presents!


  1. I've not quite grasped that it's nearly Christmas yet so haven't done anything. However, because we have had snow, every time I look out of my window I think I'm living in a Christmas card.

    1. The snow part sounds lovely! And what needs to be done will get done, right?


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